29 August 2006

Go, go, go, go go-carting!

The photo was taken some time ago near the M1 shopping centre. It's a pity that noone was racing there at the time. Parking space near shopping centres seem to be too big, 'cause I've never seen them entirely full So, a parking space often provides place for various forms of entertainment. You can see one --> here. And --> here there another photo taken close to M1, but it was yeasterday, when the weather was more like autumn...

27 August 2006


There is a housing estate in Katowice a called "Stars". It's just a couple of blocks of flats built in the years 1970-1978, pretty mundane, nothing seems to be "starry" in them at first sight... Approximately 6.500 people live there. If you want to see why they are called what they are, have a look at the satelite view (at google maps). And here you'll find more pictures.

25 August 2006


Here is what I found on the corner of one of the old tenement houses in Bytom - one of the cities in Silesia, just 20-30 minutes' drive from where I live. Bytom, unfortunately is quite "underinvested" and hence full of such old buildings that are just crying for a general overhaul. But I know that it is a very beautiful city which deserves to have a photoblog of its own. And I know what I'm talking about, cause I used to live in Bytom for some years ;) But untill someone starts shooting photos around Bytom, I will sometimes post a picture here. For another photo of the Dragon -> click here.

23 August 2006

Stalexport towers

Today the Stalexport office buildings: two towers one next to he other, 97 and 92 meters high ...

These are two of the highest buildings in Katowice, you can see details on the towers as well as other high rise buildings on skyscraper.com
Two more photos --> click

By the way: "stal" in Polish means "steel", hence the name of the company "Stalexport". It's not "stale" as "showing deterioration, no longer new"... ;)

21 August 2006

14 Bankowa Str.

This is the entrance to the Faculty of Mathematics, Physica and Chemistry of the University of Sialesia - the oldest uni in Katowice. It's not so old, actually, but as compared to many private newly established higher education institutions - University of Silesia established in 1968 has some traditions. If anyone's interested in the uni's past and present - have a look at the link above. Also, if you want to have a closer look at the mosaic frontal of the building - click here.

18 August 2006

The Flying Saucer

It's a shame that I haven't posted the Katowice most famous landmark yet! So here it is today: "Spodek" - as Katowice dwellers fondly call the building (i.e. "Saucer" because of its obviouse resemblance to UFO flying saucers). Sure, our Saucer doesn't fly but - as it houses a concert hall and sports arena - emotions often fly high there!
It was built in 1972 and since then many intresting events have happen there: from rock, techno, blues concerts, to important international sports events and business fairs. Not to mention that you can go skating there, cause there is an in-door skating rink.
It's probobaly the most oryginal and characteristic building in Katowice, so I'll sure post some more photos of it in the future.

17 August 2006


Today I'm presenting a church in Czeladź - one of the neighbouring cities (have a look at the map of Silesia in the link on the right). The region where I live is a conurbation of many towns bordering one another. You need just a few minutes' drive to go to Chorzów, Bytom, Sosnowiec, Czeladź, Mysłowice...

16 August 2006

Next candidate for renovation

Plac Grunwaldzki: a massive office building.
If they had built it upwards instedad of to the sides,
it would have been a pretty nice skyscraper...

14 August 2006

Rialto revisited

So... here is the new old Rialto.
Now the building looks so much better than in the past".

12 August 2006


Continuing the subject of movie theatres, here is the main entrance to another newly restored cinema in Katowice. The ethymology of the word can be found ⇒ here


11 August 2006

"Kosmos" movie theatre

The theatre is currently undergoing "a major overhaul", the works are still underway. Here is what the place looked like in the past. Pretty amazing makeover, isn't it?

Once, long long time ago, Kosmos was the best, most prestigeous cinema in Katowice, then the era of video tapes and DVDs arrived (to say nothing about multi-cinemas) and places where there is only ONE screen became obsolate.... but they are not giving up altogether! What they can offer is some specific unique "atmosphere" that cannot be created in huge Cinema Cities which looks the same in exactly each corner of the world. I just cannot wait untill they open Kosmos again!

And, I haven't finished with the architecture-and-cineama thread in this blog yet! I'm planning to show you another beautiful newly restored cinema building!

10 August 2006

Brand new old castle

I've been into architecture recently. So today a brand new "castle" in Sosnowiec, a city just 15 minutes' drive from Katowice. I've heard that some company have built it for its head office, but they haven't started any business there yet.

08 August 2006

...and old.

an old tenement house

07 August 2006

Modern and....

Like in many other cities, in Katowice you'll find modern office buildings and... (to be continued)

06 August 2006

Shall we dance?

In the foregound --> City Rock restaurant. And further, next to it, there's the dance club AWANGARDA (the blue building). So, shall we dance? :)

05 August 2006

Ice-cream, anyone?

Well, the weat wave is gone, it's raining today in Katowice (just a bit) but it's still summer - the best time for ice cream!

04 August 2006

Mural art

In Katowice there are two places where urban graffiti artists can present their work and go unpunished! They are both in the passage uder the rail bridge in the middle of the city. Here is one of the murals.

03 August 2006


Well, so gloomy like my mood today... a slate gray stony facade towering perilously above me as I was taking this photo...

Tomorrow's gonna be a better day :)

bye bye now

02 August 2006

Just a street

One of the streets on a sunny day.

01 August 2006


As there are last days of SALE time in Poland, some ladies just seem to have lost their heads in search of a fantastic bargain.