28 July 2008


27 July 2008


The Student in all his glory. The body is quite "contemporary", while the head in the graduation cap is the one of a kuros, a Greek representation of male youth.

26 July 2008

The Student Statue

The Student Statue is a new news in Katowice... It is located it in front of the Rector's Office of the Silesian University. The statue had evoked some excitement before it was put on display, as there had been rumours about a scantily clad, well built young man with a graduation cap on...

Come back tomorrow. I'll post the photo of the WHOLE statue ;)

25 July 2008

Silesian Scouts Monument

This bronze monument of the Silesian Scouts is in front of the "Silesia" hotel. It is a tribute to all the scouts who fought and died during World War II in defence of Katowice.

17 July 2008


One of the Katowice roads being prepared for the new surface - presented with an artistic touch. Photo by my friend Keczer.

15 July 2008

Tiger, tiger burning bright...

continuation of the circus thread...

11 July 2008

And one more...

...but this is the last one, I promise. I'll find other objects to picture. The caption says: "The consumer's life ain't easy!" (The mouse is next to the biggest shopping centre in Katowice)

Found the mouse!


10 July 2008

Staromiejska Street

on a sunny day

09 July 2008

The MC (and Director, I suppose...)

The circus was here last month only for two or three days, but there are photos...

08 July 2008


I saw this funny mural in Debowa Street. He looks really dumbstruck :)))

06 July 2008

Wojewodzka Street

one summer evening...

04 July 2008

"Pod butem" Town House - detail

The restored house close to the main square.

03 July 2008


...in Silesia City Centre.

02 July 2008

Restored house

In 3-go Maja Street, close to the main square.