29 July 2007

Deprtment Store

This depertment store can be found in the very centre of Katowice, near the main square. On the ground floor you'll find very fine delicatessen store.

28 July 2007


26 July 2007

Upper Silesian Centre of Culture

The photo's been taken by the camera in my mobile, sorry for the poor quality. The building is sometimes nicknamed "bunker" by the locals... no wonder, just look at this architecture :) Nevetheless, it is a great cultural centre, where many very interesting cultural events take place: exhibitions of paintings and photography, concerts, theatrical perfomences (the KOREZ theatre has is seat there), and even ballet performances (last year saw there Swan Lake performed by the Mocow City Ballet).

22 July 2007

Mine shaft wheel

A hoist wheel from a mine shaft. Just look at it - it's huge!
You can see it in the previous photo in the mine shaft.
This particular one in the photo above is "an industrial decoration"
in front of Silesia City Centre.

21 July 2007

Classical view

Just look at this: it's something that once was a classical Silesian view - a mine shaft. Nowadays there are not too many left... the one in the photo isn't working any more, serves as a kind of a landmark... this is in the area of the Katowice Coal Mine.

By the way:

(how could I have missed it... I should have thrown a party!)

Happy blogging to you! Happy blogging to you!
Happy blogging, dear kjola - Happy blogging to you!


20 July 2007


This "police car" is simply an uncanny advert for a bookstore with cheap, possibly second-hand books.

15 July 2007

Yesterday's match

A few photos from the yesterday's match. Now the Polish and American team are playing for 3rd place... I'm keeping my finger crossed!


POLSKAAAAA !!! Biało-czerwoni ! ! !

Although the Polish team lost to Brazil in the semi-final :-( the sports spectacle was really GREAT!!! I'll post more photos tomorrow. There are two more matches on Sunday: Poland vs. USA (for the 3rd place) and the GREAT FINAL: Brazil vs. Russia!

13 July 2007

Just a view from the window...

I like the lighting in this photo.

11 July 2007

The Golden Donkey

Warm, bright colours and panoply of oriental patterns – this is the inside of “Złoty Osioł” (The Golden Donkey) veggie restaurant in Katowice. Equally versatile is their menu – each day you’ll find something new, and virtually EVERYTHING I’ve ever eaten there was delicious. And the prices are very very reasonable, so many locals dine there very very often....

09 July 2007

The old and the new

Something old - beautiful houses in the centre - and something new - Altus, a new building where you can find the Qubus Hotel, Gymansion, sushi bar, Casino, a cinema and probably a lot of other interesting places to visit.

06 July 2007

The Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School

One of the best secondary schools in Katowice. You can see more photos on their website.

05 July 2007

The Theater of Silesia

The Stanisław Wyspiański Theater is located in the heart of the town, close to the main square.

04 July 2007

The frog fountain

Here is THE FROG! Isn't she nice? (Actually, I'm not aware whether it is he-frog or she-frog... but because the word frog (żaba) is feminine in Polish, I am used to thinking about this statue as SHE: Mrs Frog, of Princess Frog.. whatever you want. I don't remember how long she's been around, but quite a few years, I think. I was a child when they installed this fountain, and I hope it will stay in Stawowa Street for ever!

03 July 2007

Stawowa Street

Stawowa Street - a walk in the very centre of Katowice - only for pedestrians. If you go straight ahead, you'll encounter a funny frog fountain [stay tuned! the frog will be here soon!], and the ugliest railway station in the eastern hemisphere :-) [its photo's ready and waiting for its turn]

01 July 2007

Coffee anyone?

They offer delicious hot chocolate, exquisite pralines and coffee.
It's in Silesia City centre, next to the fountain.