30 April 2007


The tulips grow in my mother-in-law's allotment garden
which is located "just behind the block of flats" she lives in.
It is nice that even in the very centre of the town
the people try to be close to nature.

29 April 2007

Green fields

Well, although Katowice is an industrail city (bordering with other industrial cities), there seems to be some agriculture here (this photo was actually takien on the way from Siemianowice Śląskie to Bytom).
Researchers in ecology claim that the Silesia region is "the most exposed to [ecological] hazards, in terms of both the concentration and range of excessive pollutants". What do they grow in this filed than? :-/

25 April 2007

Elka - encore

This is one of the three Elka stations. As I have written in resposne to olive's comment in the previous post, Elka has 3 lines connected in a triangle (2.2km, 1.7km and 1.6km).
And for those who can't believe that it is HORIZONTAL - there is another picture.
I'll definitely have to take a snapshot with the passangers in the seats when Elka starts operating later this year.

24 April 2007


"Elka" is supposedly the only horizontal cable car in Europe.
It started working in 1967. They'll open it for this season later this month.
As you can see I've experimented a bit with the "polaroid-like" effect for my photo
(I found such option --> here)

22 April 2007

La gazza ladra

When I see this bird I don't think about Rossini, but about Marillion,
who used "The Thieving Magpie" as the title to their double album.
All Marillion fans - leave your comments under this post! :)

21 April 2007

Spodek dome

This is the outside view of the Spodek dome, which I posted a few days ago.
The foto was taken last summer - today we have a very nice and sunny day in Katowice,
but the trees are not that green yet.

20 April 2007

Knock knock...

... who's there?

18 April 2007

Chorzowska 50

The seat of ING Bank Śląski S.A. in Katowice.

17 April 2007

Devil's Wheel

This attraction can be enjoyed in the Amusement Park which is located
at the border of Katowice and Chorzów, one of the neighbour towns.
The Park officialy opens on 1st May.

12 April 2007

Zoo Park

This is the entrance to the Katowice Zoo Park.
The weather is nice, so maybe I'll visit there soon and take some nice pictures to post here.

10 April 2007

Care for a walk?

It's spring at last...

05 April 2007

Spodek - the inside

This id the dome of Spodek form the inside.