30 November 2006

Katowice by night - part 1

Just for a change: today the Labour Court which hears and resolves civil cases concerning disputes between employees and employers. Looks nice by night. This is the first part of the "Katowice by night" series.

I'll return to the animal theme, but it will be in a few days... unfortuantely I'll have a few days' break in the access to the internet as I'm changing the provider. Come back in a few days! :)

28 November 2006


...and, to continue the animal theme, here is a goat - another inhabitant of the stable in the park...

26 November 2006

A horse lough

There’s small riding club and stable in the park at the border of Chorzów and Katowice, where horse happiness is definitely the owners' priority :) The photo was taken by JS, my friend, who hereby is nominated as the second official contributor for this blog. Just to remind you: the first one is Keczer ;)

24 November 2006

Greetings from my cat

Hi! I've heard there are rats here...

23 November 2006

Rat pack!

It seems I started an animal thread in this blog!

21 November 2006

A Friendly Giraffe

This "statue" can be found close to the Katowice Zoo, in fact, it acts as a kind of advertisement. The giraffe has always been there, I remember it from my childhood days, but than it was just grey concrete. Some years ago someone came up with the idea (a brilliant one, I must admit) to paint the giraffe.
I'm posting the photo with greetings for Fay and luggi, who took part in the guessing competition. And both of them were right (in a way).

17 November 2006

Wooden XVI-century church

In the photo yesterday was the wooden belfry standing next to this old wooden church. The Mass is still celebrated here every Sunday. Below is the history of this church (jotted down from the info table):

Katowice Church (16th century).
Church of St. Michael the Archangel, 1510; transfered in 1938 from Syrynia; with an end-fitted log framework construction and shingled roof. Free-standing bell-tower, before 1679; historic lychgate and wooden fence around the churchyard.

14 November 2006

What is it?

This wooden construction is a .... ???
Guess what. A prize (i.e. a photo in this blog with dedication) for the winner!

13 November 2006


Today something to make you interested and to attract your attention ;)
A misterious window of a very ancient building in Katowice.
to be continued...

11 November 2006

Clouds and sunset

Mother Nature unfolds yet another of her great spectacles...
clouds, bare trees and sunset.

10 November 2006

More autumn leaves

I've been into photographing nature recently...

09 November 2006

Autumn sky and bare branches

Brrr... It's getting cold here...

08 November 2006

A fountain by night

Good night.

07 November 2006

Local Television - TVP3

TVP3 web page

06 November 2006

05 November 2006

The Kościuszko Park

Wow! Uploading this photo lasted half an hour... I almost lost hope...
The snow is gone, it's raining cats and dogs, so today a photo taken on 1st of November - anyone for a walk?

03 November 2006

St John's Street

I hoped the snow wouldn't last, but it's still here...
Today a photo of an effigy of St John, guarding the street of his name in the very centre of Katowice, close to the Main Square.

02 November 2006

Can you believe it ???!!!

Yesterday it was perfect autumn, and today at 7 am... :) here are the results of the first night attack of winter.

01 November 2006

Parachute Tower in Katowice

Located in the Kościuszko Park in Katowice, Parachute Tower is a tall lattice construction oryginally used for initial training of parachute jumpers. When built in 1937, it was 50 meters tall; reconstructed after the WW II, it is now 35 metres tall, and a monument to commemorate the group of young Scouts from ZHP (Polish Scouting Association), who on 3rd and 4th September 1939 from this place tried to defend the centre of Katowice from the Nazis. Most of the Scouts were killed.

It is the only existing parachute tower in Poland.