31 October 2006

Christmas tree

A photo taken yesterday in IKEA... so Christmas season has officially begun there :)

29 October 2006


As it is raining today and I'm not gonna take any shots outside, here is "Autumn Heather" - a photo taken by my friend Keczer :) Isn't it lovely? They began selling beautiful heather plants in supermarkets like Castorama or Praktiker, and this is one of them.
Keczer - thanks for the photos :) You have officially became the first contributor to my blog ever.

28 October 2006

Details over the windows

Facade fragment of a building at Mikołowska Street. What a pity that the tenants "decorated" it with those satelite dishes...

27 October 2006

St Peter and Paul Church at Mikołowska Street

Just a fragment of the StPeter&Paul Church - beautiful sacral architecture. I'll post another photo of the whole church one day. To read more about the church --> click HERE.

26 October 2006

A corner house

A corner house in the very centre of Katowice, close to the Main Square. Unfortunately, this is not a great shot, but if you want to have a closer look at the house --> go HERE, and look what I've found on Wikimedia Commons! A huge photo with a lot of details - worth seeing.

21 October 2006

The St. Mary's Church

The steeple of this neo-gothic church is towering above Mariacka Street.
Built in the years 1862-1870, architect: Alexis Langer.

20 October 2006

Autumn colours

Definitely there will be more autumn leaves in the photos soon...

13 October 2006

The monument to Jozef Pilsudski

wikipedia entry --> click here

10 October 2006

The dome of tha Cathedral

Christ the Lord Cathedral in Katowice. To read more about it, click --> here.

07 October 2006

The roofs of Katowice

Don't ask me where I had to climb to take this picture for you ;)

03 October 2006

Katowice Main Square

You can always buy flowers in the market square.

In the background, far right you can see a fragment of Spodek.

01 October 2006

wanna play bowling, anyone?

Taken at Fun City in Katowice