28 June 2008

in a nutshell...

Today one more photo by Michael Damm - an American photographer and video artist.
I called the post "in a nutshell", because for me, who has been living here in Katowice all my life, this one photo taken by a foreigner somehow managed to capture my own thoughts about Katowice...
The train station may be concrete and dirty but in it there is also this longing ... to leave this place or maybe keep comming back here.

21 June 2008

"Zenit" Triptic

Today I'm honoured to post three photos by Michael Damm, a video artist from Oakland, CA who visited Katowice recently, and will return in the Fall for an exhibition in Opole. The building "in transformation" is Zenit - an old department store in the very centre of Katowice, on the main square.
Thank you, Michael, for your contribution to my blog! :)

11 June 2008

Railways again

I told you there will be more railways ;)
And soon I will post some very interesting photos contributed by a visitor so stay tuned.

07 June 2008

"Europa" Circus in Katowice!!!

to be continued...

06 June 2008



03 June 2008


I don't travel by train too much nowadays, but it seems I have a thing about railways :) There is something romantic (?) in them... There will be more railway photos.

01 June 2008