31 May 2007

Street market

Wanna buy something inexpensive (though not of the highest quality)? Go the market - a lot of people, a lot of goods, a lot od pickpockets... in general- a lot of fun.

30 May 2007

Jack Sparrow rulez ;-)

Just for fun I'm posting this poster for the third Jack Sparrow's film. If you like the poster - just follow the link - and you'll find more nice pictures.

28 May 2007

Stawberry season....

Strawberry Season has officialy begun in Katowice!

24 May 2007

Sweet :-)

This in another "decoration" in front of the Silesia shopping centre. This piece of machinery is front-end overhead loader, but the English name doesn't sound so funny like the Polish one: ładowarka przedsiębierna zasierzutna :)))).
In the past such things were used in underground mines here in Silaesia, and, as you can see, it is on display in the beer garden.

23 May 2007

An ancient press machine?

I have yet to discover what the original function of this machine was. Nowadays it's pretty decorative - whatever it is. It's quite huge, something like 2,5 - 3 meters tall, I think. It's a pity I haven't asked someone to pose next to it to see the proportions.

21 May 2007

Old machinery

To keep the "traditional, industrial atmosphere" of the place, the old machinery has been brought on display in front of the Silesia shoping centre. These old machines, once used in mines (or factoris?) have been painted with bright colours (the orange and green shapes in the photo), and nowadays form a huge, intriguing decorations or monuments.... I'll post separate photos of them later this week.

20 May 2007

Isn't it weird?

I saw this ingenious interior "decoration" in a restaurant
in the Park a few days ago.
Or... did I drink too much beer? ;)

17 May 2007


* * *

15 May 2007

View from the bridge

You can see the "Gwiazdy" housing estate, already posted in this blog.

13 May 2007

Pedestrian bridge

The new pedestrian bridge over the Roździeńskiego Street, close to the roundabout. The views from there were impressive. There will bo more photos from there soon.

10 May 2007

Pierogi ruskie

Well, it's obvious that the crow thinks her own birds fairest, but I truly believe I haven't eaten better pierogi ruskie than those in the photo, prepared by my mother-in-law. I can even forgive her the skwarki garnish made from fried bacon, which on this particular ocasion were a bit overdone - but still quite tasty.
I'm posting pierogi today inspired by Glen's post from Toruń.

06 May 2007

Crooked tree

I took a photo of this crooked tree some weeks ago.
I wonder what it looks like with leaves - I'll take another photo when I'm there.

05 May 2007

Yesterday's sunset


01 May 2007


Lilacs blossom (in my mother-in-law's garden).