31 January 2007

Today's sunset.....

These photos show only fragment of the beauty I've seen today...

21 January 2007

Old Silesia?

The picture looks like an old photo of the Silesian lanscape, in sepia.
You can see a chimney and a coal mine shaft in the horizon...
but it was taken today at sunset.

14 January 2007

dreary "winter" landscape

days are: gloomy, bleak, boring, colorless, depressing,
dismal, drab, dull, lifeless, monotonous, wearisome, windy....

I'm waiting for spring time.

11 January 2007

07 January 2007

After New Year's Eve Party

here's what was left after the party

02 January 2007


As there is no snow this winter, I'm posting a photo taken on 2nd November last year, when we woke up suprised by the "heavy snowfall" which lasted only two days ;) Actually I'm missing winter.