30 December 2006

Katowice by night - part 4

This photo was taken in Katowice Main Square on Christmas Eve. There are very few season decorations in Katowice this year - only in the very centre. And there is no snow... (Well, today there is some, but it cannot be counted for a real winter)

27 December 2006

In the mood

Decorations bring a festive mood to Christmas

26 December 2006

Skating rink

Though Christmas this year is snowless, there is a place in Katowice, where you can go skating in the opern air! Silesia City Centre provided a free, small skating rink for all skating enthusiasts! Visit and enjoy!

24 December 2006

23 December 2006

The new tunnel

The new tunnel which was open just around two weeks ago. Now you can go UNDER the roundabout, which used to cause a lot of traffic jams in this part of town. The photo was taken a few days ago when the weather was really good - cold and crispy but sunny. Today the weather makes me wanna sleep...

22 December 2006

A Voyage to Brobdingnag?

What the heck? Where am I? Who am I? Gulliver in Brobdingnag country?!
No, it's the Katowice Ikea Christmas decoration...

13 December 2006

Katowice by night - part 3

photo by J.S.

11 December 2006

Old gramophone

I’ve seen this old gramophone today in a small restaurant, and couldn’t help taking a photo! A very “atmospheric” place, by the way. Come by to COGITATUR, when you are in Katowice. They serve tasty dishes and offer free jazz gigs every Wednesday.

09 December 2006

Coffee anyone?

Hallo, everyone! I'm back to photoblogging!

01 December 2006

Katowice by night - part 2

Before the provider turns off my internet access, here is another "by night" photo (courtesy of J.S.) - the "Tysiąclecie" housing estate (in the background). The name could by roughly translated as "Poland's Millennium Memorial Housing Estate". In the photo there is an interesting contrast between modern blocks of flats and the old tenement houses in the foreground.