20 September 2007

Airship bis

I know that I already posted it just two days ago, but today, the allegro.pl airship was kind enough to fly directly over my house, and I just couldn't skip such an photo op. ;)

19 September 2007


Inspired by the BiblioCat from Selma, Alabama, USA,
here is my learned cat from Katowice, Poland :)

18 September 2007

17 September 2007

Airship over Katowice

I saw it yesterday, soaring over Katowice.... if you look closely at the blowup photo, you'll see that the airship is an advertisement for the allegro.pl portal, which in Poland is something like e-bay.

16 September 2007


Polish Fiat 126p. Back than Poland used to be swarmed with them :)
Nowadays they are pretty rare in the streets.

15 September 2007

European bison ...

Lat. Bison bonasus...


09 September 2007


* * *

02 September 2007

A new graffiti

I've seen these bunny creatures in other places of Katowice too, it must be painted by the same mural artist... His style is quite characteristic. I must take pictures of the other ones as well 'cause I like them a lot.

01 September 2007

Movable winter garden? sun launge?

I spotted it yesterday and it made me smile, so unusual it looked in the road...