03 July 2007

Stawowa Street

Stawowa Street - a walk in the very centre of Katowice - only for pedestrians. If you go straight ahead, you'll encounter a funny frog fountain [stay tuned! the frog will be here soon!], and the ugliest railway station in the eastern hemisphere :-) [its photo's ready and waiting for its turn]


ps said...

oh i'd like to see the frog fountain...nice street scene!

Karola&Pamp said...

Don't you like your railway station? Why :D
Don't worry, most of polish stations, not only railwaystations looks awfull and disgusting. I wonder how they going to chage it before Euro2012 heh.
Greetings from Wroclaw.
You're lucky you have FIVB final in Katowice.

kjola said...

Hi karola&pamp!
Have you ever seen the Katowice railway station? Probably not. If you had, you wouldn't ask why I don't like it! ;) I do hope it will be redecorated before 2021.

Take care.