29 September 2006

Misty mist

Today was a misty morning....

Well, I had problems with uploading photos, but today everything's ok again. And, yes, the motocycles do have registration numbers here in Poland, but I took liberty to delete it in the picture... just in case... :)

27 September 2006

I can't upload pictures....

is it something wrong with blogger or with my internet connection?

26 September 2006

Time flies

...i'm still very busy...

23 September 2006

The Silesian Insurgents Monument

Back to Katowice. But 'cause I'm a bit short of time, there is only a photo and a link to info on the net. About the monument - click HERE. And HERE - another very interesting photo ot this monument (taken by sb. else, not me).

21 September 2006

Recollections from Mazury

Below: mooring in one of many wild retreats in lake Mamry.

Let'go somewhere... Navigare necesse est...

In ports whole families of swans prowl among the boats, no food offer is despised.

18 September 2006


Today in the alley of the Silesia City Centre I spotted a small exhibition of puppets that took part in many performances for children. More photos: have a look here.

[edited on Saturday]
Actually, I went back to check the name of the artist who created the puppets but found none, only the info that these are puppets from Ateneum - the Silesian Teatre of Puppets and Actors.

17 September 2006

Będzin Castle

Hi all! I'm back from Mazury and back to Katowice photo blog. It will take me a few days to get organised again and to post photos here regularly. I'm going to show you a few photos from the most famous Polish sailing district - the Great Mazurian Lakes - but I need to catch up on some urgent matters first ;)

Today a photo from my 'archives': the Będzin Castle. Though Silesia is an industrial region, there are such historic places as this one. Nowadays there is a small museum there, presenting ancient weaponry and armour. And yes, Będzin is not exactly Katowice, but some towns here in Silesia are clustered so tightly one next to another that you perceive them as one big city...

12 September 2006

Greetings from Mazury!

Ahoj everybody! I'm comming back soon to post more photos from Katowice. But today a photo from Mikołajki port in the Mazurian Lake District where I'm sailing with my family and friends.

01 September 2006

Three-headed dragon

Look what I found! Created by children - the three headed dragon - now "sleeping" in the corridor of the Youth Palace (Pałac Młodzieży), probably waiting to be displayed in some nice place. Probably its creators never expected that it will put in the Katowicephotoblog to be seen by the whole world! Pałac Młodzieży is an instituion providing creative and educational workshops for children. By the way, did you know that "the condition of having more than one head" is called "polycephaly"? :))
The dragon (although sleeping) shall act as a guard to this Katowicephotoblog, as I'm leaving for some time. Maybe, from where I will stay, I might be able to log in from time to time and post a photo. So long, and thank you for droppin in so far!