04 July 2007

The frog fountain

Here is THE FROG! Isn't she nice? (Actually, I'm not aware whether it is he-frog or she-frog... but because the word frog (żaba) is feminine in Polish, I am used to thinking about this statue as SHE: Mrs Frog, of Princess Frog.. whatever you want. I don't remember how long she's been around, but quite a few years, I think. I was a child when they installed this fountain, and I hope it will stay in Stawowa Street for ever!


lv2scpbk said...

Cute frog. They have a frog race around here on Saturday that I've been thinking of going to. Never been to one but thought I could try and get some cool pictures.

Rambling Round said...

W bit of whimsy here and there is a nice addition.

Kora0880 said...

There is another pond with frogs in Katowice...perhaps you can find it...a clue: Koszutka ;)