04 June 2007


This photo was actually taken in Mysłowice (a town some 15 mininutes drive from Katowice), at the Car Market - one of the biggest in Silesia. You can sell your car there and buy a second-hand one.
This yellow tabant is one of the very few that can be seen on the Polish roads, a kind of "keepsake form the past", owned nowadays only by enthusiasts, who often form fan clubs.
Polish people used to give trabant many funny nicknames in the past: Trabi, Trampolina (which actully mens "springboard", but sounds funny whith reference to trabant ), Trampek (which actually means "sneaker" or "plimsoll shoe"), Mydelniczka (which means "travel soap box" - 'cause trabant's body was made of plastic)
or Honecker's Revenge :-)


Anonymous said...

It looks like a cheap little car that probably gets high gas mileage.

Abraham Lincoln's kidney stone attack...
I rolled on the floor, puked, screamed, and passed out. When I woke up the neighbor was gone.
Brookville Daily Photo

Karola&Pamp said...

Yes. Trabi is live forever i think so. This one is just ordinary trabi, but on the fan club meetings or sometimes on the road you can see very funny trabi.
One day I saw something what looked like MiniMorris from far. But, it was just cusomize Trabi. ;D