10 June 2007


I've visited the Zoo today. Actually, the zoo park is in CHORZÓW, a town neighbouring Katowice. But, as I've written many times before, Silesia is a big urban agglomeration of many towns. Today: greetings from the hippo :)


Anonymous said...

A nice animal in a cage. I wish it was in the wild places it comes from. But to some this is second best.

I like your photo of the hippo at the zoo.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. It's me!
Brookville Daily Photo

Glenn Standish said...

Sad to it in what appears to be a small cage. I was actually chased by a wild hippopotamus in Kenya once! Do you know that the hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa!! They will just crush you to death.

Greetings from Toruń!

lv2scpbk said...

He looks huge. Does he have water to soak in?

Karola&Pamp said...

Yes me - Pamp - hate zoos as well. I'm a vegetarian so for me zoo is not a right place for animals.
The zoo is just a best place for standalone, ill animals, who can't live without help.
But, to be honest we visited Wroclaw's zoo, because Karola asked me, and begged me.
So we post some photos from there one day.