01 June 2007


A ballon carrying an advertisement of the "Perfect Boxing" show that is to be held in Spodek on June 9, when Tomek Adamek will fight against Luis Andres Pineda. The trophy is the IBO Cruiserweight Championship, and I don't have to write that I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Adamek. Also, Andrzej Gołota will fight after a two years' break.

[edited after the event]
Both Gołota and Adamek won their fights!

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Loompi said...

Thank's for adding us to your list. We look your blog and watch your look for Katowice. Altrough we find Katowice as a bit sad and grey city. We hope your photo show us different face of Katowice. ;)))
Our English is not fluence so sorry for last comment in Polish.
Take care ;))