25 April 2007

Elka - encore

This is one of the three Elka stations. As I have written in resposne to olive's comment in the previous post, Elka has 3 lines connected in a triangle (2.2km, 1.7km and 1.6km).
And for those who can't believe that it is HORIZONTAL - there is another picture.
I'll definitely have to take a snapshot with the passangers in the seats when Elka starts operating later this year.


Anonymous said...

Nice photographs.

Abraham Lincoln

Glenn Standish said...

Hello greetings from your friendly neighbour here in Toruń. Nice pics of Elka...but one question...is it safe? The equipment looks kind of dated.

kjola said...

Glenn, you can safely enjoy this attraction when you're in Silesia :)
One could get hurt on Elka only if they decided to jump down from the seat (of which I have never heard).
Actually, this attraction is quite popular among the parents with very young children - the young ones are thrilled to view the Park "from above".