01 November 2006

Parachute Tower in Katowice

Located in the Kościuszko Park in Katowice, Parachute Tower is a tall lattice construction oryginally used for initial training of parachute jumpers. When built in 1937, it was 50 meters tall; reconstructed after the WW II, it is now 35 metres tall, and a monument to commemorate the group of young Scouts from ZHP (Polish Scouting Association), who on 3rd and 4th September 1939 from this place tried to defend the centre of Katowice from the Nazis. Most of the Scouts were killed.

It is the only existing parachute tower in Poland.


Curly said...

Kjolo, that's a very poignant part of history you have presented for us, thank you!

Curly's Photoshop

Mountainboy said...

Wow, heroic scouts!
My troop struggle to cook their own food - how times and people change.