21 November 2006

A Friendly Giraffe

This "statue" can be found close to the Katowice Zoo, in fact, it acts as a kind of advertisement. The giraffe has always been there, I remember it from my childhood days, but than it was just grey concrete. Some years ago someone came up with the idea (a brilliant one, I must admit) to paint the giraffe.
I'm posting the photo with greetings for Fay and luggi, who took part in the guessing competition. And both of them were right (in a way).


Jing said...

hee hee...i like this giraffe!!!
so lovely!
mmm...zoo, where the children like to go!
jing from shanghai

Annie said...

This is a very apt sculpture.

Fay said...

Thanks for the kind greetings :)
It took me a while to figure out how the giraffe is positioned but the coat pattern is unmistakable firaffe.

isabella said...

Was it painted right after 1989 :-)

Carol said...

The most unusual giraffe I have ever seen. Nice. (I love giraffes.)

Kora0880 said...

..although the head always freaked me out....looks like a skull :)