11 August 2006

"Kosmos" movie theatre

The theatre is currently undergoing "a major overhaul", the works are still underway. Here is what the place looked like in the past. Pretty amazing makeover, isn't it?

Once, long long time ago, Kosmos was the best, most prestigeous cinema in Katowice, then the era of video tapes and DVDs arrived (to say nothing about multi-cinemas) and places where there is only ONE screen became obsolate.... but they are not giving up altogether! What they can offer is some specific unique "atmosphere" that cannot be created in huge Cinema Cities which looks the same in exactly each corner of the world. I just cannot wait untill they open Kosmos again!

And, I haven't finished with the architecture-and-cineama thread in this blog yet! I'm planning to show you another beautiful newly restored cinema building!