25 July 2006

The Rawa "river"

… and it stinks!
Katowice has always been a industrial city, famous (or infamous) for its coal mines and steel works. In the past era the issues of natural environment were much disregarded and poor “river” became a sewer. Fortunately, as the times has changed, the city remained industrial but in a more civilized way, and environmental issues are priority nowadays. Things neglected for years cannot be repaired overnight, but this fragment of the Rawa you can see in the photo is one of the last “uncivilized” views of the river. It is now undergoing “a major overhaul” and its waters are being treated, so, hopefully, it may become a small’n’attractive river to stroll along.


santy said...

Hi, welcome from Jakarta - Indonesia. Dirty rivers, eh? We have that too. Anyway, looking forward to more pictures of Katowice.

Anne said...

Hi there! Welcome to the DP family! Some great photos you have already posted...and looking forward to more :)

Hope you enjoy taking photos as much as i enjoy looking at them :)

Kim said...

Wow, Los Angeles and Katowice have something in common: a man-made river bed. Luggi can tell you more at LA Daily Photo.

Kora0880 said...

I miss the city...it would be delightful to be able to take a stroll along Rawa or have a cup of some good coffee in a cafe adjacent to it, once it is back to its day of glory state! Until then I will keep on hoping