23 July 2006

Heat wave

Europe is swept by the heat wave, and here we’re suffering too. But there is a nice side to it! Hot sun beating down is the reason for hot ladies strolling down the street as if through some holiday resort - which Katowice, unfortunately, is not! :(


Ham said...

Yes, the hot weather has some compensations ;-)

Welcome aboard!

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Jenny said...

Hi and welcome to the photoblog family - I see Ham has already told you how to find out more about our whole group and how we work together! I look forward to learning more about Katowice - what part of Poland is it in? (My grandfather came from Lomza.)

Kim said...

Saw your post at Ham's London site and wanted to say welcome. Glad you've succomed to the city daily photo bug!

Gerald England said...

Thanks for showing the lovely side of Poland.

I saw just as lovely sights a month ago in Gdynia on my first ever visit to Poland.

Welcome to the world of daily photos -- it gets you after a while -- there's no shortage of potential subjects even when not in BIG city.

Chris said...

Compensation ? Heat is growing high after that...

Welcome on board !

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
Katowice is in Silesia, the South of Poland, about 65 km West of Kraków.
Łomża is in the North East of Poland, circa 450 km away from Katowice.