28 July 2006


I saw the emblem of Katowice on one ot the walls and I thought it's worth posting here. Later I'll try to write a few words about this emblem. Have a good day everybody!

[edited later]

The origin of the Katowice emblem is in the remote past, in the very very early days of industry in this area (iron ore processing).
Water (the first element in the emblem) symbolizes life. In a vast pond there is accumulated energy… To place it under their command, people only had to dam the water flowing into the Roździanka river…
Wood (the second element in the emblem) symbolizes the woods which have been here from time immemorial. The presence of trees is reflected in the Polish names of former settlements, nowadays the districts of the city: Borki, Dąbrówka, Dąb… Both water and wood were necessary to process the iron ore – the first riches of this land…
hammer in the forge (the third element of the emblem) combines those two primary elements: the water and the wood. The hammer of the forge built close to the pond was powered by the energy of dammed water (hence the wheel in the emblem), iron billets were formed with the hummer. Many hundred year’s tradition and the memory of that forge resulted in choosing the hammer to be in the emblem of the place.
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Annie said...

A heavy hammer? I await learning the significance of this symbol.

luggi said...

Stunning photos. Welcome to Daily Photo.

rudygiron said...

Welcome to the Daily Photo. I like to know about the city emblem.